Children` art first!

English version

January, 2019. The Museum opens the year with the first permanent exhibition «The Collection for Everyone». 
Here the Museum is going to place the unique items transferred to the Museum Fund by free-lance artists for creative education and joyful enlightenment of children. For inspiration and better copying, for reading and downloading. The items opening the collection are an overleaf pattern of the postcrossing card and the ‘Photography for Children and Teenagers’ manual. Enjoy yourselves!


Photo Artist: Egor Kaneev (Moscow)

Model: Anastasia Argutina (St. Petersburg)



Thanks to the patrons of our Museum, on December 19-26 the book stalls and even book houses visited the children who could not spend the New Year and Christmas at home together with their parents.
The first print run is an inestimable souvenir. The material memory of what has not had time yet to become our past, memorials of the present and the future ... Well, what else should I say? The paper run is a real work of art!
This is a New Year‘s and Christmas gift for children who will not be able to welcome the New Year at home.
The Treasure Book A is looking for volunteers, students, translators to translate ideas into English
The Museum of Unique Things published its first navigator for the reading children The Treasure Book «A»